Innsbruck Lectures

The table below summarizes the list of lecture days and contents that we had time to cover during my Feb-March stay at IQOQI (Innsbruck). I am also providing some PDFs with my own "script" for what I am talking about and some supporting pictures or slides. Recordings of some lectures can be found in our YouTube channel.

Day Topics Material
Week 1 Feb. 3 (Wed)
Introduction and organization
Microwave resonator
notes, slides
Week 2 Feb. 8 (Mon)
Microwave resonator quantization, electrical circuit conventions, vacuum fluctuations
Macroscopic quantum model for superconductors: phase-current relations, 1st. London equation, kinetic inductance, fluxoid quantization.
Feb. 10 (Wed)
Josephson junctions and nonlinear inductance.
Quantization rules and first examples: driven harmonic oscillators.
notes, slides
Feb. 12 (Fri)
Quantization of a transmission line, eigenmodes and spectroscopy. notes, problems
Week 3 Feb. 15 (Mon)
The charge qubit: idea, quantum model, circuit, phase-number representation and some "control" approaches. notes, problems
Feb. 17 (Wed)
General considerations about qubits: control, dephasing, dissipation, master equations. And a first approach to qubits in cavities. notes
Feb. 19 (Fri)
Circuit QED: Jaynes-Cummings model, Rabi oscillations vs cavity and qubit losses, spectroscopy, QND qubit measurements. notes, problems
Week 4 Feb. 24(Wed)
Other qubits: transmons, flux qubits, phase qubits, X-mons. Tuneability via DC-SQUID's. notes
Feb. 26 (Fri)
Tuneable coupling between g-mons and its use for building two-qubit quantum gates. Randomized benchmarking of gates. Introduction to flux qubits. notes
Week 5 Feb. 29 (Mon)
More on flux qubits. Tuneable coupling built from rf-squids and the D-Wave architecture. Adiabatic quantum computing and quantum annealing. notes, problems
Mar. 4 (Fri)
Control, engineering and tomography of photon states in a resonator-qubit system. notes
Week 6 Mar. 7 (Mon)
Propagating photons in open transmission lines and interaction with qubits. notes

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  • Not all lectures are available on video due to technical reasons or unforeseen problems (i.e. batteries running out without noticing :-)
  • The quality of the uploaded videos is not as good as I would like but I hope the scripts can compensate for that.
  • All of the material above falls under my full responsibility. IQOQI hosted the lectures but is in no way reponsible for my statements, lecture content or copyright violations of the figures I use in my notes (although I have tried to give due credit everywhere and this is a noncommercial effort)