About me

  • I am a senior research scientist working at the Institute of Fundamental Physics, in the Spanish Research Council (CSIC), and co-founder of the startup Inspiration-Q for quantum algorithms and quantum-inspired software.
  • I am a quantum physicists with aspirations of quantum engineer. I am well known for my work in the field of quantum technologies, where I contributed to the first designs of quantum simualtors and quantum computers with ultracold atoms, trapped ions and superconducting quantum circuits. Presently, I combines this line of work with further research into quantum algorithms and quantum-inspired classical computation technologies.
  • Among other duties, I coordinate the Quantum Information Group (Quinfog), the Spanish Network of Quantum Information and Quantum Technologies (RITCE) and the CSIC Platform on Quantum Technologies (QTEP). In addition to this, I have worked at Spanish National Research Agency supervising the evaluation of national grants and postdoctoral programmes, and presently advise the Ministry of Science in quantum technologies.
  • Programming has alwas been a passion. I have worked on multiple projects, all of them related to free software, of which some content is offered in this site and in GitHub.
  • Hobbies: playing the guitar, sports, reading, languages and travelling.