Catching up with the ArXiv

For those of you who are back from a somewhat longish holidays, I remind you about my page for reading the arXiv by dates, which may help you keeping up with the lost days.

The page is and it can be used on computers and on mobile phones. If your network is slow, format might sometimes be screwed, sorry – blame your browser for that, too eager to format the page before arxiv responds.

The idea is simple: select the parts of the arxiv you want to read, click on a date and go.

One trick. Copy the url and replace the date with "today" and you can use that as bookmark to read the axiv of the day. As an example, the daily arxiv page for quant-ph would be

Some caveats:

  • Candidates for replacements are shadowed in gray. However, the arxiv does not really provide information about replacements. This means the page has to try to find out whether a paper was really replaced or authors changed it during the submission more than once.
  • Quite often, and for reasons I still do not understand, the ArXiv database returns the same paper several times for a few days. That is so for weekends, because there are no updates, but it may happen also on weekdays because submission hours are screwed (instead of UTC some other timezone). Also, sometimes authors make various replacements shortly after submission, to satisfy complaints. Go figure.