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MPS Bundle

The following is a collection of pages that details the installation of various of my libraries for numerical programming in C++. The libraries are factored into a series of components, which are described below. However, in order to ease the installation of these libraries I have built a bundle component, called mps-bundle, This is a wrapper that downloads the appropriate libraries depending on your platform, compiler and available libraries.

This page is devoted to describing how to build, install and use the mps-bundle component on different platforms. The index of pages can be used to navigate through the instructions. But before proceeding, please read the disclamer below to ensure that you understand the conditions under which this library is distributed.

I hope you will enjoy this software, which is the product of several years of work and experience with various numerical programming environments, and which is distributed in the hope that others may profit from it and contribute back to the community.


Juan José García Ripoll