I love programming. I have since I first got my first book on computers, which was actually about microprocessors, and which contained a picture of a ZX Spectrum on the cover: I used to play typing on that picture :-) Going through MSX, PC At, OS/2, Linux, AIX and Mac, I have learned and enjoyed the art of problem solving.

To give this joy a purpose, I have had both my profession, Physics, and several projects most of which are hosted at github:

  • Tensor is a C++ library for Matlab-like programming, including multidimensional numerical arrays, linear algebra routines, eigenvalue and FFT computations. It is intensively used in our research group.
  • MPSC++ is a C++ library for studying low-dimensional quantum many-body systems using Tensor Network States (DMRG, MPS, iTEBD), including both static and time-dependent simulations.
  • ECL, an implementation of the Common-Lisp language which I no longer maintain.

In case of further interest, help or consulting jobs, please contact me by email.


I do not care if you use my programs for commercial purposes, as far as this does not affect my chances or those of other people of using them. That is why I carefuly distribute my programs under the LGPL license. Beware however that some of my programs might have dependencies on software with more stringent copyright requirements.