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Basic installation

We start by installing a standard Fedora 20 CD on each of the computers, using the following features:
  • A standard GNOME Desktop installation, plus the following metapackages
    • C Development
    • Administration tools
  • We set a rather complicated root password, but use the same on all machines.
  • We create a dummy account, called 'master', on each computer, also with the same, complicated password.
The machines that form the cluster are
  • deutsch, which will be the "master" server.
  • kitaev, and toffoli, which will be served by "deutsch".
These names have to be provided by clicking on the Network tab during the installation.

There are several packages that we need to install in addition to the stock configuration. This can be done after reboot, from the command line. At least we need the following ones to ensure proper synchronisation of servers:
# yum install ntp