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Thunderbird shortcuts

posted Feb 8, 2019, 1:48 PM by Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll
Mozilla Thunderbird
Thunderbird is a commonly used mail client that works on many platforms. It is a bit heavy and requires quite a lot of mouse use, as many graphical programs nowadays, but you can configure it to work better with a few keystrokes.

In order to follow these steps, please download first the add-on Dorando-keyconfig You can then configure Dorando with keybindings, adding the ones you find more suitable, and renaming the ones that are less standard. I list below the ones I use and change, just to remember that in my own machines.
  1. Navigate messages in a 'vim' fashion. You can reassign the "Previous > Message" or "Next > Message" to K and J, so that Thunderbird behaves just like vimium on Firefox.
  2. Zoom in and out conversations. I assign '+' and '-' to 'Conversation > Expand...' and 'Conversation > Contract'.
  3. Jump to specific folders. Right-click on the folder you want to use to find out its URI, the unique identifier or address that is used to find it. Then create a new keybinding with a code like the following one.
    var uri="imap://**the address of your folder**"
    for (i in gFolderTreeView._enumerateFolders) {
      var folder = gFolderTreeView._enumerateFolders[i]
      if (folder.URI==uri) {

  4. Archive email to specific folder. Find the URI of the destination folder and assign the following Javascript to the code you desire.
    MsgMoveMessage(MailUtils.getFolderForURI("imap://***@***/**URI to your folder**"))

  5. Save all attachments. Assign the following Javascript to Ctrl+Shift+S to save all the attachments in an email. It will open a dialogue to find a folder